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Bringing Hand Phone at School


Most of school in Indonesia forbid the students to bring hand phone. But some students against that rules and think that bringing hand phone at school won’t make any problem. Beside that bringing hand phone at school for students has positive and negative sides.

On the positive side, bringing hand phone at school can help the students keep the communication. For example if the students join organization or extarcurricular, they need hand phone to keep communication especially with their parent. Moreover, they need hand phone for important or unexpected condition. If they need help from the other, they can use the hand phone to call someone who can help them.

Although by bringing hand phone at school will help the students to keep communication, hand phone also can make the students not focus. In the class, hand phone can disturb the students during the lesson. Sometimes they will busy with their hand phone than concentrate the lesson.

By bringing hand phone the students can access the internet through their hand phone. By the internet from the hand phone the students can have the possibility to open porn site and the other negative site.

Finally, the negative side for bringing hand phone at school is it can increase the crime in the school. Because some students will bring an expensive hand phone and it can invite the thieves to steal their hand phone.

Considering positive and negative side above, students should think carefully and tactful about bringing hand phone. Don’t make the hand phone as stumbling block for students reach their dream in the future.


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